Wednesday, 12 August 2015

PTE Basic Preparation

PTE Basic Preparation

As we all know that PTE academic exam is an online exam with almost instant results in 5 business days. This test consists of Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

A good thing about this test is that you can easily get to know the weak area in which you need to focus to get better results.

Once you give exam for the first time, you get to know about your oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, etc. This helps in preparing for the exam second time, if you are not a native speaker.

Spend time preparing on items which are more in number.

Total items which come under each category:
Speaking items
Read aloud- 7
Repeat sentence- 12
Describe image- 7
Re-tell lecture- 3
Answer short question- 11
Writing items
Summarize written text- 2 or 3
The summary should be of single sentence with no more than 30 words.
Write essay- 1

Essay topics in another post
I have also added essays which I wrote. Please do correct me if you feel there is an error. Your comments are welcomed.
Reading items
Multiple-choice, choose single answer- 2
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers- 2
Re-order paragraphs- 2
Refer link:

Reading: Fill in the blanks- 4
Reading & writing: Fill in the  blanks- 6

Refer to website for read aloud practice
All the other reading sections are easy to do. Let me know if anyone wants help in understanding this section.
Listening items
Summarize spoken text - 3
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers - 2
Fill in the blanks- 2
Highlight correct summary- 2
Multiple-choice, choose single answer- 2
Select missing word- 3
Highlight incorrect words- 3
Write from dictation- 3

Refer to BBC learning English 6 minute audio recordings for listening and improving your skills.

Here's the link:

Please leave comments if you like the details or want me to add any information which will help in preparation for others :-)